PE and school sport

At Buntingsdale Primary School we believe that the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision is important, in order to increase participation and help pupils develop healthy lifestyles, not only now, but to enable the development of skills and interests that will be carried into the future.


Sport Premium is an amount of money which the government has agreed to allocate to schools for three academic years (2013-14, 2014-15 & 2015-16). The funding amount received by schools is based upon the number of children of primary age at the school. The Sport Premium must be used to:

Increase the quality & breadth of PE & Sport provision, and increase participation in PE & Sport

At Buntingsdale, our P.E. and Sport Leader is responsible for developing sport and effective use of Sport Premium Funding.  We welcome the additional funding, which will further enhance our provision and provide additional opportunities for increased participation.


Please see the attached documents to see how we have utilised the Sports Premium funding in the past years to maintain and further improve our provision of PE and Sport. Below you can also access the plan for the current academic year.

2017 - 18 Buntingsdale PESS Action Plan

2016-17 Impact of PE & Sport Funding


Local Sports Club Information



Recent PE News.

Cross Country

We took the whole of KS1 and KS2 to a cross country competition in October 2017 in which we had some great success. Well done to Kuini who came 1st in the year one girls race! Quickly followed by Leah in 4th place. In the boys year one race Adyn claimed 2nd place and Theo 6th! Finally well done to Connor in the boys year 2 race who came 5th. A tremendous result for such a small KS1 cohort, well done Rose class.

At the same cross country competition we had some success in KS2 too. Nina secured 6th place in the girls year 5 race and Lilia 4th place in the girls year 3 race. Both girls qualified for the L3 competition held in February where they competed against children from different areas who were placed in the top 6 for their local area.

Nina and Lilia both ran amazingly at the L3 cross country competition on Thursday 2nd February! Lilia ran 1200m around a wet and muddy course securing 7th place, just missing qualifying for the next round as it was the first 6 to go through! Kuini ran even further and in even muddier conditions around a course of 1600m securing 11th place. The girls were competing against the 26 best runners in their year groups within North Shropshire, we are very proud of their positive attitudes, stamina and perseverance.

Sporting Values Winners Autumn Term

Congratulations to the following pupils who have demonstrated excellent sporting values in school and during competitions and have therefore been selected by staff to be awarded this terms values medals.

Nathan Jones   -   respect    

Jasmine Reynolds   -   self belief  

Lucas Menassa   -   honesty  

Kuini Mateibau   -   passion  

Nina Mateibau   -   teamwork  

Theo Tokai -   determination



Well done to the gymnasts from Thistle class who attended the Key Stage 2 gymnastics competition on Thursday 11th January. They memorised a great sequence followed by a simple vault jump and made us very proud to have such well-presented and talented children.

Children from Rose class also did us proud when representing the school in the Key Stage 1 Gymnastics Competition on Thursday 18th January. They were impeccably behaved and had obviously practised their routine well as they all scored highly and we managed to secure 5th place. There was only a point between 3rd and 5th place so it was extremely close.


A team of children from Shamrock and Thistle classes attended a KS2 athletics competition at the Maurice Chandler sport centre on Thursday 25th January. The children competed in a range of activities including, relay races, standing long jump and speed bounce, to name just a few. Again they were a pleasure to take out of school all showing fantastic sporting values. We did very well as a school coming 7th place overall out of 12 schools, some of which are much larger than us! The girls were especially on fire, securing second place in the girls javelin throw, 4th in the girls chest push and first in their heat of the girls relay race x2 lengths!

Visit from a commonwealth athlete

We were extremely excited and honoured to host Laura Samuel the field and track commonwealth athlete who competes in the triple jump to our school on Friday 16th February. She is ranked 3rd amongst British women in her field and was a silver medallist at the 2014 commonwealth games and the 2010 world junior championships. Laura worked with all of the children in school on several physical skills in return the children collected a fantastic amount   in sponsorship! Laura was very enthusiastic and the children loved going through their paces with her. She showed us how to do the triple jump and even more impressive was seeing the actual distance Laura jumps, almost two and a half times the width of our school hall!


Congratulations to our dodgeball team consisting of children from both Thistle and Shamrock class who went to Maurice Chandler sports centre on Thursday 29th March. They again behaved impeccably and demonstrated excellent sporting values.

Sporting Values Winners Spring Term

Congratulations to the following pupils who have demonstrated excellent sporting values in school and during competitions and have therefore been selected by staff to be awarded this terms values medals.

Summer Jakeman - teamwork  

Summer always plays fair and supports others when working in  partners or as part of a team encouraging good teamwork amongst others as well as being a good team player herself.


Brooke Jakeman - self belief

Brooke perseveres even when she struggles with an activity in PE and believes in herself until eventually she overcomes her struggles to succeed. 


Lilia Tokai - determination

Lilia is always determined to do her best and has been fabulous in all of her competitions.


Josh Reynolds - respect

Josh not only respects the rules when playing different sports but also respects his peers and is a great team player.


Sam Lelenoa - honesty

Sam is an honest sports player and this has really show in his dodgeball sessions, he will be honest about if he has been touched by the ball, which many other children have struggled with.


Tia Dokonivalu - passion

Tia has participated in many competitions for the school because she is passionate about applying herself and developing her skill in order to represent the school. When representing the school she is passionate, wanting to succeed but is also a graceful player accepting defeat well.



We were able to enter three teams of six children in the archery competition as it was held in school on Friday 4th April. The children loved competing working well as a team to culminate their points. We were placed 19th out of 34 teams and due to the enthusiasm displayed by the children we have decided to run an archery after school club during the second half of the summer term, details to follow.


Four children from Thistle class represented us at the local year 3 and 4 tennis competition held at the Market Drayton tennis club on Wednesday 16th May. They played a vast number of games again resulting in a culmination of team points. All were fully exhausted by the time we left at lunchtime having been in so many matches but were smiling to the end and gave their best at all times.


When your next in school please take time to look at our PE notice board outside of Thistle class. Promoting our sporting values and celebrating our recent successes in competitions including the children’s certificates and photographs from some of the events.


Sporting Value Medal Winners Summer Term 2018


Marcus - self belief

Marcus is quietly confident and believes in his own abilities within PE. He entered the gymnastics competition earlier in the year and was worried about not performing well initially but as he practised his self belief developed and he went to the competition with a new found confidence and positive attitude.


Ratu Lelenoa - respect

Ratu is a great team player and always shows the utmost respect for his peers, teachers and sporting rules in all of the PE games, events and activities he’s been a part of this year. As such he is a great role model and a fun person to have on your team


Libby James - determination

Libby always perseveres in all sports and has shown determination to succeed when taking part in the tennis and archery competitions.


Peter Lelenoa - passion

Peter has shown he is very passionate when swimming and has shown some great swimming techniques during our time at the pool.


Nina Mateibau - honesty

Nina sets an outstanding example to her team mates. She's always honest about the performance of herself and others and can admit when she's out in a mature manner

Leo Joyce - teamwork

Since joining Buntingsdale, Leo has been a brilliant sportsman in PE, sports day and school competitions. He follows the rules of the game, tries his best and always encourages his team mates.