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Introduction from the Chair of Governors

It is both a privilege and pleasure to be the Chair of Governors of a School recognised by Ofsted as Good, and one aspiring to be outstanding.

As the Governing Body we work well as a team, using our individual skills and experience to support, and at the same time challenge the School’s leadership.

We ensure that our knowledge and understanding of the School’s standards and quality is based on first-hand evidence.  This includes our work through Committees, regular visits to School, including discussions with Staff and speaking with children.

It is as a result of these conversations that we know how much children enjoy coming to School, are aware of the progress they are making, and are enthusiastic about the many activities that are planned for them.

From conversations with parents, I know that they appreciate the significant improvements and developments which have taken place in the last 2 years and eagerly anticipate future developments.

Karen Watkins, MBE

Chair of Governors


Instrument of Government Document


Who is on the Governing Body?


Name                                   Governor Role                              Term End Date

Mrs Clare Elkes                    Headteacher

Mrs Vicki Brimley                  Co-opted                                        21.06.24

Miss Naomi Baxter               Staff                                                22.09.25

Mrs Sarah James                 Parent                                              28.09.23

Mr Mark Menessa                Co-opted                                         15.03.24

Mrs Sarah Odle                    Co-opted (Vice Chair)                   20.06.25

Mr Michael Revell                Local Authority                               14.05.25

Mrs Karen Watkins               Co-opted (Chair)                           21.06.24

Mrs Sarah Haighton             Parent                                             13.06.24

Mrs Esta-Jayne Middling      Parent                                             24.03.25

Mrs Rachel Foster                  Co-opted                                        14.03.26


Previously held governor roles:

   Mrs Fiona McDonald            Parent                                               21.06.24

  Mrs Mel Barnes                      Co-Opted                                          16.11.23 


What do they do?

Governors take their role seriously.  They have a responsibility to ensure that the Headteacher leads the School in an appropriate manner and that all Government requirements are in place.  Governors do not involve themselves directly in the day to day running of the School or the quality of teaching and learning – that responsibility is in the hands of the Headteacher.  The Governors work closely with the Headteacher and hold her to account to ensure the best outcomes for all pupils at the school.

The governance of the school was judged to be GOOD at the last Ofsted Inspection in March 2019. 

Governance has improved strongly since the last inspection. Governors have a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the school because they receive regular information about standards and other matters. They understand information about pupils’ achievement well, monitor finances rigorously and make careful checks on safeguarding. They ensure policies are up to date.

Governors provide a good balance of support and challenge to the school and hold the school firmly to account. They are very active and take part in many of the school events. As a result, parents know them well and can approach them with any issues they have.

Governors are fully aware of the quality of teaching. They do not solely rely on reports from the headteacher but also monitor the work of the school directly by looking at books and walking round the school when lessons are underway. They ensure that teachers’ pay is linked to their performance.

How does the Governing body work?

We currently have 3 main Committees who meet at least once a term:
Finance, Personnel and General Purposes who are responsible for managing the school budget and staffing and Health and Safety who ensure that safe procedures are in place, that our grounds and environment is safe, that risk assessments are conducted before any visits and related polices are reviewed regularly..

Curriculum & Standards  who monitor the standards of teaching and learning, they review curriculum policies, monitor pupil progress and take an active interest in any aspect of learning. also includes Home School who look at promoting the school, especially with its changed status to full 3 -11 years primary provision, monitor the school’s website and consider and develop positive and proactive relationships with families and the community.

Salaries, Performance Management and Employment who consider the performance related pay of staff and associated policies.

We also have committees for pupil discipline, staff discipline and complaints which meet if required

Governing Body Committee Structure 2022-23

Governing Body Attendance 21-22

In addition to these Committees we have specific Governors who ensure that Safeguarding procedures are in place and that the most vulnerable pupils in our School are cared for appropriately e.g. pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and Looked After Children.

Each Governor also has a subject(s) in which they take a particular interest.  These are known as ‘Link’ Governors.  Link Governors meet with the teaching staff to find out what their subject ‘looks like’ in school, find out when it is taught and what is covered in the curriculum.  Link Governors come into school on a regular basis to see their subject in action, to look at the learning environment and workbooks and to speak to pupils to gain a thorough understanding of progress that is being made in their particular subject area.

Governors also undertake Learning Walks to gain first-hand experience of regular school activities and attend special assemblies and events that are shared with families and the community.



Governing Body Link Governor Responsibilities 2022-23


RE and Collective Worship

Michael Revell

Extended Schools

Vicki Brimley

Special Education Needs/ Gifted and Talented

Karen Watkins Sarah Odle

(Safeguarding) Safer Recruitment

Clare Elkes, Michel Revell, Karen Watkins

Child Protection/Looked After

Karen Watkins

Safer Schools

Karen Watkins

Training and Development

Vicki Brimley

Early Years

Sarah Odle

Core Subjects

Mental Health & Wellbeing


Creative Arts

Modern Foreign Languages 




Outdoor Learning


Computing and E Safety



Subject Leader 

Michelle Benford

Clare Elkes

Naomi Baxter Julie Boote

Naomi Baxter

Julie Boote

Julie Boote

Michelle Benford

Catherine Bolton

Vicki Brimley

James Salt

James Salt & Clare Elkes

Naomi Baxter & Clare Elkes

Link Governor

Karen Watkins Michael Revell

Sarah Odle

Esta-Jayne Middling

Mark Menassa

Michael Revell

Michael Revell

Mark Menassa

Michael Revell

Karen Watkins

Mark Menassa

Sarah James

Sarah James

Governor Training  

All newly appointed governors attend specific new governor training delivered by an external provider e.g Shropshire Local Authority. In addition, governors also attend statutory training e.g. Child Protection, and as appropriate in relation to their Link governor role e.g. Safer Recruitment. During 2015-16 governors undertook training for Extremism. Link governors also attend staff meetings and staff professional development days to support their Link governor role. Governors are also encouraged to take part in training for specific whole school initiatives e.g. in January 2016 all staff and governors undertook training in relation to the United Nations Rights Respecting School Award together.

It is a requirement to publish all business interests of Governors to demonstrate openness.

 Register of Business Interests